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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Our Tabletop Game Takes a New Direction

Our tabletop game development and design journey leads us on a different path

Sorry for the absence. We've been busy redesigning the game a bit and taking it in a different direction. Kurt is hands on making a new prototype for testing.
Kurt Keller prototyping a new version of Medieval Challengers for ITD Games
Kurt creating new cards for Medieval Challengers

The new prototyping with cards for  Medieval Challengers created by ITD Games
©2017 ITD Games
After we had a few play tests and critique session with some other gamers and game designers we came to a conclusion to turn the unit discs into cards and have one main flipping disc with a cool illustration for heads and tails for each army. Players flip that disc to see if the card they've played is activated, i.e the unit charges into battle weapon ready or faceplants in the mud of the battlefield. This seems to be a less fussy and more understandable playing set up and is more cost effective.

Also, another factor contributing to this change is the knowledge that the cost of paper and cardboard is going up with new regulations being put into place. So, we're looking to reduce the amount of paper and cardboard in our game. Instead of cardboard chits, we're moving to cards, which could be plastic, i.e. Rooster Race cards we designed and illustrated for Roosterfin Games. We could also have the flipping disc be plastic instead, thus reducing the cost of this game greatly.

Thanks for your continued interest. More updates are coming soon, and we encourage you to follow us here and on Facebook so you don't miss a thing.

If you're interested in play testing our light strategy and fun party game, please email us. Or we have  handy dandy form on the right. Give us a shout.

Happy gaming!

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