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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Prepping for Playtesting

Medieval Challengers is ready for playtesting 

Medieval Challengers 3D game set up created by Kurt Keller in C4D for ITD Games
© 2017 Imagine That! Design, all rights reserved
We have a full prototype with all four armies and the expansion of two additional armies ready to play with others. So we're being bold and brave and getting ourselves out there into our fair city of New York to show the game around and get some other people besides us who have completely fresh eyes to play it.

We have a game Meetup tonight, Friday night with a group of prototypers and developers, and another game group on Sunday -- getting next week off on the right foot. We hope other people enjoy playing it as much as we do. We shall see!

If you are or will be in the NY area anytime soon and would like to playtest our game, please give us a shout.

Happy gaming everyone!


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